Inspiration For Startups: 8 Emerging Entrepreneurs To Watch

Inspiration For Startups: 8 Emerging Entrepreneurs To Watch
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Recent years have brought many changes to our economy, technology, and markets, and some of these have rolled in very quickly. Entrepreneurs and business owners have been the first to respond to these shifts - sometimes with strategies that work, sometimes with strategies that fail. 2017 will remain a year where more small business owners will pick up on the winning strategies and the result will create major changes in the way small businesses find increased profits and ongoing success.

The following people are in the trenches, and their businesses are growing faster.

1. Holly Hefton

Going through a divorce can be very tough and most people aren't prepared for the emotional and financial toll a divorce can have on a family. A good lawyer can make your life easier. In the Fall of 1992, Holly Hefton was accepted to the University of Oklahoma College of Law. She graduated with a Juris Doctor in 1995. Holly worked in private practice in Norman before hiring on with the insurance defense firm of Carter & Kirk, P.C. There, she defended municipalities and their officers in governmental tort claim and civil rights actions. She is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association Family Law Section and licensed in all OK state courts, all OK federal courts and the 10th circuit court of appeals.

2. Matthew Jones

In January of 2004, while waiting for a donor, the cancer came back a third time and spread to Matt's cerebral spinal fluid. At this point, doctors gave him a less than 10% chance of living. A special device placed in Matt's head to treat the cancer became infected, one of his kidneys began to fail, and his temperature rose above 104 degrees. This lethal combination caused him to slip into an unconsciousness state. Despite the uncertainty of his survival, Matt recovered and on Mother's Day of 2004, he walked out of the hospital after a successful bone marrow transplant. One year after finishing up chemotherapy, he completed the San Diego Rock N' Roll marathon.

Today, he is a world class professional speaker and author and is committed to inspiring audiences and delivering strategies to help organization thrive in the midst of adversity and excel to new heights of performance. Matt is currently the author of five books with more to come in the future.

3. Pete Chavez

Pete is the founder and owner of Chavez Boxing Gym in Phoenix and a licensed USA Boxing Coach and has trained professional athletes in boxing as well as the UFC. In his earlier years as a fighter, Pete earned a Golden Gloves title as well as several other state titles, but the demands of being a single father required him to set aside his own dreams of professional fighting. Long after retiring from boxing, he went on to win three tough man contests at the age of 39, 41 and 45. Now, at 50 years of age, Pete trains and spars with other up-and-coming fighters and works as a personal trainer and coach to men, women and children of all ages.

4. Sacro Wedgy

Coach Hurshel Meares learned a technique over 50 years ago from an osteopathic doctor to help his athletes release tight hip muscles. He then translated this technique into the Sacro Wedgy. The Sacro Wedgy is designed to act as his hand did. That was to isolate, cradle and elevate the sacrum (your tail-bone) and use gravity to help relax, realign and re-balance from the hips out. It is also important to support the curve at the neck to create a dual traction to now have both ends ofthe spine supported. The length of time for a correction varies from person to person. For some it is "an event" and once relaxation occurs - they are pain free.

Sacro Wedgy

5. Steve Casto

Steve's intent is providing holistic retirement planning and specializes in working with both retirees and pre-retirees that want to achieve a comfortable retirement. This may include strategies like a Compass Planning Review (CPR) to create significant tax reductions on retirement plans, thereby leaving more money available for enjoyment. Or it might include income optimization strategies which can potentially give 25% more income while keeping the tax liability to a minimum. The biggest challenge faced when dealing with clients is their mindset.

6. Avida Giloh

Avida Giloh is a jewellery expert. For over 25 years, Avida has worked in all aspects of the jewellery business including buying, wholesaling, retail, and appraisal, etc. In many cases he has helped people going through divorce, separation, and even an estate sale.

According to CNBC, there's nearly 250,000 jewellery retailers worldwide, most of them locally owned and operated. Revere Jewels is a premier buyer of diamonds and fine jewellery in Beverly Hills offering our clients unsurpassed prices on previously owned pieces. They also have a Five star rating, A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau, and offices in Beverley Hills, Las Vegas, San Francisco & Dallas.

7. Michael Ehline

A personal injury attorney of the South Bay area, Michael handles cases from Santa Monica to Torrance and ranging from Text and driving accidents, Pokemon Go accidents, etc. Michael is a former resident of Marina del Rey. Michael helps the International Cruise Victims organization lobby the halls of Congress. He also works in close collaboration with several California state organizations fighting for transportation law safety.

He is also an expert on accidents involving self driving cars.

8. Angela Giampolo

Angela D. Giampolo is a practicing attorney and expert on LGBT legal issues, entrepreneur, author and host of her own radio show – SpeakOUT – on iHeartMedia’s Philly Pride Radio. She runs Giampolo Law Group, a boutique firm based in Philadelphia with the mission to change what people expect from their attorneys. She provides a range of legal services including Business and Real Estate Law, LGBT Estate Planning and Adoptions, Employment Discrimination and Transgender Law. Angela is the OUTLaw legal columnist for several publications including the Legal Intelligencer Philadelphia Business Journal and others.

In her career thus far, Angela has been named the LGBT Bar Association’s Top 40 Under 40 LGBT Attorneys in the Nation, Legal Intelligencer’s 2015 Most Diverse Attorney, Philadelphia Business Journal’s Woman of Distinction, Top 40 Under 40 Business People in Philadelphia, and Top 25 LGBT Owned Businesses 3 years running. Anyone with a passion for real estate in Philly is having a ball and Angela decided to capitalize on Philadelphia’s rebirth by taking her real estate law expertise and personal experience of owning 5 properties herself, and started Philly Gay Realty; a team of top-notch realtors servicing the LGBTQ community with complimentary legal oversight on every transaction.

In 2017, watch as Angela launches Caravan of Hope, a non-profit mobile RV acting as a law firm on wheels providing free legal services to underserved LGBTQ populations in rural areas. Caravan of Hope is a rolling resistance born as a result of the Trump administration’s platform on LGBTQ issues. Angela’s mission is to ensure that equality is not a special right reserved for the fewbut instead, enjoyed by all.

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