Inspiration Releases Untapped Potential


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. -- Rabindranath Tagore

Don't look to the sky or mountains for inspiration. Look beneath the trees and shrubs. Our greatest inspirations can be at our feet at any moment. It reminds me of a time while hiking alone in Arizona, feeling the awe of nature surrounding me without a soul in sight. In my stillness I heard "look down" and there by my toe was the smallest flower. I would have never seen it. Thanks for the attentiveness of my inner voice. In that moment, that little flower felt like it carried all the beauty of the world. I've never forgotten that moment or that feeling.


I invite you to look closely, for our greatest inspiration can be the smallest thing, a leaf, or a bud, to imbue the greatest love and grace. Nature provides quiet reflective places to listen to your inner voice. Look deeply into simple natural events -- sunlight on the wet grass, or a leaf floating in a stream. While reflecting, nature will divulge features of your life's journey.

In all stages of life we are connected with inspiration that teaches us and reminds us who we are. This year will, and the past years' have, held reminders for each of us, reminding us of our paths and where we are. In moments of stillness we can each contemplate on our Divine role by connecting to Love. Through the clear vision of love we can walk from the hazy fog into the vibrant Light.

Become an explorer of your deep inner potential. Voyage through the stillness of the heart and mind discovering the power of limitless Love.

The untapped potential of our inner space reveals inspirational resources undreamt of ... an inner peace and purpose.

How do we tap into our inner potential with unlimited inspiration? We all have something we love to do that brings about inspiration, whether it is music, art, crafts, writing, or whatever pleases you. As you do an activity that brings joy, devote all your attention to it and see what new ideas pop into your consciousness. Explore these new ideas further by trying to accomplish some of them. While working in creativity our hearts sing, and that is when new inspiring ideas are heard above the chatter in our minds. In this subtle way Spirit communicates with us all.

Our ideals are our greatest inspiration, lifting us to do wondrous things that are desperately needed in this world of distraction. Living in inspiration when partnered with loving intention and action are the solutions to many of our difficulties and lead us toward our personal missions. Living within your ideals allows you to lift your hand to another so they feel your inspiration energizing their hearts.

Your personal mission in this life can be known. Choose to find your peaceful presence, look within, and know that this is the time to ask yourself the question. "Where am I going?" "How will I get there?" When we are present and aware we see the flow of mysterious coincidences that guide us toward purpose.

With awareness in tune, we find clues to our purpose in our daydreams, our sleeping dreams, and intuitive knowings. Have you ever been going about your business when someone out of the blue supplies answers to questions you have? Strive to listen to the wisdom of someone that delivers synchronism, because these moments are indicators of our purpose. We must be the spiritual detectives of our own lives, always available to the hints that present themselves.

David Bennett author, teacher, energetic healer, and transformational life coach. He's appeared on Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Dr Oz, Angels Among Us, NBC national news, and PBS.
Author, of Voyage of Purpose and A Voice as Old as Time.

Pictures -- Young woman over abstract sunset with blur, by mihtiander
Inspiration at our feet by David Bennett