Inspirational Tumblrs: 8 Blogs That Will Make You Smile

The 8 Happiest Blogs On Tumblr

Tumblr is awesome for many reasons -- it recently eclipsed the term "blog" in Google search and is attracting more young people than Facebook -- but one of the things we love most about the microblogging platform is its ability to inspire.

Tumblr users love the social network in part for housing thousands of blogs dedicated to inspiration images and quotes, Disney and puppy GIFs, and lol-worthy memes that can almost always make you laugh. So if you're feeling down, head to one of the eight super-uplifting Tumblr blogs in the slideshow below for a little pick-me-up. From the adorable GIFs of F*ck Yeah Cute Animals to feel-good stories about self-acceptance from the Trevor Project, these Tumblr pages are pretty much guaranteed to boost your mood.

Tell us: What are your favorite uplifting Tumblr blogs? Are there any you'd add to our list? Share your picks in the comments or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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