9 Inspiring Kids Caught In The Act Of Greatness

Here Are 9 Powerful Reminders That You Should Never Underestimate Kids

Little people know, When little people fight, We may look easy pickings, But we've got some bite, So never kick a dog, Because he's just a pup, We'll fight like twenty armies, And we won't give up, So you'd better run for cover, When the pup grows up! --Gavroche, Les Misérables

Gavroche was a fictional character, but the sentiment is true and has stood the test of time. Here is photographic proof that kids should never be underestimated:

Chess prodigy Samuel Reshevsky, aged 8, defeating several chess masters in France in 1920. Credit: Kadel & Herbert / Wikipedia
A Romanian child hands a heart-shaped balloon to riot police during protests against austerity measures in Bucharest, Jan. 19, 2012. Credit: Ioana Moldovan
Jose Miles holds up a sign that reads "God Hates No One" as the Westboro Baptist Church protests at Washburn University in Topeka, Kan. on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Credit: Patty Akrouche
11-year-old Jean Fernandes, a brave boy from Brazil, risks his life to save a dog that was hit by a car. Credit: Rafaela Martins
A boy helps a man who collapsed in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1941. Credit: Albert Cusian / German Federal Archives
Elizabeth Eckford, 15, one of the African-American students integrating Central High School. Crowd of hostile and curious onlookers on Sept. 23, 1957 in LIttle Rock, Ark. Credit: Getty Images
A girl uses her umbrella to protect a stray dog during monsoon rains in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, June 12, 2013. Credit: Rafiq Maqbool / AP
American boy Kevin Gorman teaching baseball to members of the Masai tribe. Credit: Robert Halmi / Time & Life Pictures / Getty Images
Brody Roybal, 15, the youngest athlete on Team USA for the 2014 Paralympics celebrates after scoring the 4th goal during the Ice Sledge Hockey Preliminary Round Group A match between the United States of America and Italy at Shayba Arena on March 8, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Credit: Getty Images

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