Inspiring Story of Hardwork - Meet Waheed Ahmad from Pesticon

Inspiring Story of Hardword-
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The notion of success is often accompanied by claims such as luck and talent. But the biggest reality that surrounds the whole concept of success is hard work. Several individuals have started from scratch and made a name for themselves through diligence and hard work. One such personality who has not only proved that hardwork is indeed the key to success, but has managed to make a big name for himself and his company Pesticon is Mr Waheed Ahmed.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Mr Waheed immigrated to Canada in hopes of making a better life for his family. But to achieve that stability, Mr Waheed had to take the hard way, which he crossed masterfully. With existing knowledge and experience in agricultural pesticides, Mr Waheed decided to pursue it as a career, therefore becoming a certified pest control specialist by 2001. After acquiring this status, Mr Waheed worked with a pest control company, whose lack of interest in the customer body gave Mr Waheed the idea of launching his independent start up. This is where his persistence, hardwork and vigilance played a important role, as he established his company “ Pesticon” .

Pesticon was build with a focus on catering the customers. Since Mr Waheed had the experience of working in a company that did not really serve their customers well, he made it his motto to keep the customers first. This focus of his did not only help him achieve his target, but made Pesticon one of the favorites of the people.

After due hardwork, slowly yet surely the company came into being, which now offers the best pest control solutions all over Toronto. The thing that made Pesticon such a favorable company is because of its loyalty towards the customers. With the main focus on providing excellent customer care and service, Pesticon offers its customers a 6 month guarantee, with free of charge follow back. Be it industrial, commercial or residential, Mr Waheed has made sure that Pesticon covers every sector.

But this is not all of it. Pesticon is a company fully licensed on provincial and federal level, and a proud member of SPMAO, Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario. Being the Home Stars Award winner for the best customer service, Mr Waheed is focused on growing his team of experts and adding in new techniques to his pest solution spectrum.

Realizing the vigorous impact of pesticides on the environment, Mr Waheed has made sure that Pesticon only uses those pesticides that are environmentally safe and cause no harm to pets or humans. In case of a requested procedure, the customers are provided with details before hand so that they are aware of the substances to be used in their facility.

Apart from everything that Pesticon has achieved, Mr Waheed being a visionary man has more in stock for the company. Since its expansion to the city of Vancouver in 2015, the company has witnessed a tremendous growth and now plans to move coast to coast, with their expertise. With that being said, Mr Waheed made sure that the odds worked in his favor, and climbed to the top with such a humble start.

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