Just Try Not To Smile At These Inspirational Notes A Clever Artist Hid In Tray Tables

Thanks To This Artist, You'll Never Look At A Tray Table The Same Way Again

You might want to sit down for this one -- ideally, in a seat with a tray table.

That's where artist Joe Butcher (aka October Jones), from Birmingham, England, hid inspirational drawings for unsuspecting travelers during the summer and fall of 2012. Each note features a drawing of "Peppy," a cool cartoon cat who spouts out words of encouragement along with a unique -- and often hilarious -- motivational phrase.

"Lick the back of your hand," one note implores. "That's what a WINNER tastes like."

Despite being nearly 2 years old, the collection of inspiring moments from Peppy are relevant as ever. The sketches recently gained significant attention on Reddit.

So if you ever hear someone on public transit yell, "I am a superfly success machine!" you know what's happening.

READ the rest of the tweets, below:

If this style of uplifting whimsy feels familiar, there's good reason for it: October Jones was the artist responsible for giving fellow train commuters cartoon alter egos in February.

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