15 Great Instagram Accounts To Follow After A Breakup

@textsfromyourex isn't the only account you should be following post-split.
Below are 15 Instagram accounts it pays to follow post-split.
Below are 15 Instagram accounts it pays to follow post-split.

There’s no such thing as too much emotional support after a bad breakup.

While good friends are usually down to lend a sympathetic ear and give advice, it can’t hurt to have a little extra moral support. Enter Instagram: The app is full of therapists using the platform to share their helpful advice. It’s also full of funny illustrators who draw about the highs and lows of being newly single.

Below are 15 accounts it pays to follow post-split. We tried to strike a balance between the salty (@textsfromyourex) and the sweet (hey, we’d be remiss in our duties if we didn’t include a few accounts that post inspirational quote cards).

@tinymoron (41.1k followers)
On @tinymoron, Darya, a 25-year-old from London, doodles her "dumb lil thoughts." Her words, not ours! We think her doodles are smart, funny and highly relatable, especially if you're muddling through a breakup. (Lots of Darya's illustrations are about heartbreak and single life struggles.) Follow @tinymoron
@lisaoliveratherapy (267k followers)
Lisa Olivera is part of a new breed of mental health professionals with massive, influencer-like Instagram followings. The Oakland, California-based therapist posts actionable advice on moving on and taking care of yourself during rough patches in life, including breakups. Follow @lisaoliveratherapy
@awardsforgoodboys (349k followers)
On the Instagram account Awards For Good Boys, comedian-writer Shelby Lorman doles out illustrative “awards” for men who expect pats on the back for doing the absolute least. If your ex had a way with backhanded compliments and entitled bro-y behavior, you're going to love this page. Follow @awardsforgoodboys
@rupikaur_ (3.8m followers)
Rupi Kaur became a big name in poetry when she released “Milk and Honey," a self-published collection of poems that went on to become a massive bestseller. Self-love is a central theme in her work, so if you're nursing a broken heart and need overly earnest reminders to love yourself, it pays to follow her on Instagram. Follow @rupikaur_
@honestcouple (46.9k followers)
Sick of all those couples on Instagram who constantly post about each other? For comedic relief, follow @honestcouple, an Instagram account that adds brutally honest captions to pics of "happy" couples. If the posts don't make you feel relieved to be single, we don't know what will. (And don't feel too bad about laughing at the couples; the majority of the pictures come from user submissions.) Follow @honestcouple
@selfishladies (10.4k followers)
For a dose of self-esteem — and bite-sized lessons on things like not settling in relationships and establishing boundaries — follow Brooklyn-based life coach's Kim Grevler's Insta page. Follow @selfishladies
@tinamariaelena (286k followers)
OK, stick with us on this one: Sex may be the last thing on your mind (or the first! Different strokes for different folks) but don't forget: You lost your partner, not your ability to enjoy sex. To remind yourself of that, follow Danish illustrator Tina Maria Elena Bak's Instagram account. Bak's lush, provocative watercolors depicting couples getting busy and solo sex are bound to make you feel some kind of way. (If this were a text, we'd add a smirky emoji here.) Follow @tinamariaelena
@bymariandrew (1.1m followers)
Mari Andrew’s funny, relatable illustrations draw inspiration from her experiences with heartbreak and dipping back into the dating scene.

“Being single for me is 90 percent wonderful romances, travels, new experiences, self-care and confidence ― and then there’s that 10 percent that keeps me going on dates,” she joked in an interview with HuffPost. Follow @bymariandrew
@reductress (265k followers)
Reductress is a hilarious feminist satire site that parodies the clickbaity headlines you find on women's sites and magazines. It's kind of like The Onion, only with more fake headlines about your emotionally exploitative ex. Follow @reductress
@alex_elle (@577k followers)
Wellness coach Alex Elle is the host of the "Hey, Girl" — and the creator of a damn good Instagram account to follow when you're heartsick. It's kind of like a mini therapy session every time you scroll past one of her inspo quote cards. Follow @alex_elle
@bodeburnout (248k followers)
Jodie Langford's illustrations and quote cards make you feel like you're getting real talk from your cleverest, snarkiest friend. Via doodle, Langford reminds you that horny-texting an ex is rarely a good idea and that it's high time you work on your garbage taste in men. (Or women! They can be trash, too.) Follow @bodeburnout
@textsfromyourex (2.6m followers)
@textsfromyourex features real texts from people's real exes. Usually, said exes are begging for a second chance or looking for a booty call, but they always get shot down. It's peak schadenfreude and absolutely a necessary follow after a breakup. Follow @textsfromyourex
For when you're in the nihilistic phase of your breakup ("Life is essentially meaningless without my ex"), sulk away with the text-based art on @textsfromyourexistentialist. (Yes, it's a play on the above @textsfromyourex profile.) Follow @textsfromyourexistentialist
@estherperelofficial (356k followers)
One of the most undervalued parts of being single? You finally have the time to examine the mistakes you made in past relationships, learn from them and develop the tools to have a healthier, happier relationship next time. To guide you along, follow Esther Perel, a psychotherapist and popular Ted talker who's almost singlehandedly changed the discourse on coupledom and sex in recent years. Follow @estherperelofficial
@hotdudesreading (1m followers)
Let's end on an inspiring note. Follow the mega-popular Instagram account @hotdudesreading to remind yourself that yep, hot guys who are also well read exist. (Now if you could only find one on Bumble...) Follow @hotdudesreading