Instagram Alternatives: 11 Photo-Sharing Apps To Consider In Light Of New Terms Of Service


So it turns out people aren't too happy with Instagram's new Terms of Service, set to take effect on Jan. 16, 2013.

One photographer who is popular on the service reacted to the news with three words: "Instagram's suicide note." No hashtags needed.

Phrases like "deleting Instagram," "killing Instagram," "goodbye Instagram" and countless others with similar expressions are spreading on Twitter by the minute.

Among the changes: Instagram has the right to sell your photos (update: Instagram says it has no "intention" to do so), CNET reports. Your data, including meta-data like your geo-location, can also be used for ad targeting, and ads won't necessarily be clearly marked, the new Terms of Service say.

What can you do? As The Verge says, "users will look elsewhere," and there are a number of options. Have a look at some of them below.


11 Instagram Alternatives

Jason Gilbert contributed to this slideshow. An earlier version of it appeared here.

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