10 Photos That Show What Astronaut Scott Kelly's First Week Back On Earth Was Like

He enjoyed a slice of apple pie and went to the dentist.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's 340 days in space were quite magnificent. He got to space walk and take some incredible out-of-this-world photos

Now that he has returned home, Kelly has been busy enjoying what many of us would find more mundane, such as eating salads and going to the dentist.

Since Kelly landed back on Earth on March 2 after nearly a year in space, he has offered an insider's look at his life on land in photos posted to Instagram. Not only are his daily activities vastly different to life on the International Space Station, but he told CBS News that he also has changed as a person.

"I think I'm a little more compassionate now," Kelly said. "I think it does change you when you spend all this time removed and detached from Earth. And you follow what's going on on Earth, and mostly what the news reports is not good stuff... we should be doing better. We can do better."

So, what has Kelly's first week back on Earth really been like? Scroll down for 10 photos that show he's pretty much just like the rest of us. 

First Sunset

My first #sunset on #Earth in #Norway on my way home! #YearInSpace

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First Salad

First Flower

First Dinner

First Steak

Test Time

First Pie

First Rain

Scan Session

Dentist Appointment

I missed my regular 6-month checkup and cleaning last year. #YearInSpace

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