25 Instagram Photos Everyone In Colorado Takes (PHOTOS)

We love you Colorado.

1. Waking up to a winter wonderland.

2. Your unmatched Broncos pride.

3. And unyielding support for Amendment 64

4. Those glorious evenings at Red Rocks.

5. Post-snowboarding/skiing/snowshoeing sunsets

6. Those fleeting, magical moments when the I-70 gods bless you with no traffic (fist-pump!)

7. When going outside makes you feel like a Disney princess #SnowWhiteproblems

8. Epic hikes

9. Boulder signs

10. Beer and nature. 'Nuff said.

11. Flying. Sometimes we Coloradans do that.

12. Your crazy running habits.

13. Telluride. It puts everywhere else to shame.

14. Waterfalls that belong in nature calendars.

15. Gondola rides. Preferably in Telluride.

16. Yoga poses on mountain summits (don't judge us, the air is thin up there and there's nothing else to do at the top anyways)

17. Cute (and sometimes creepy) wildlife.

18. Mountain castles

19. Attempting a glamourous pose at the Garden of the Gods.

20. The chipmunk who will stop at nothing to guilt trip you out of your hiking rations.

21. Colorado's weirdly-amazing hybrid weather.

22. Hence, snowboarding without all your clothes.

23. Amazing sunsets.

24. Climbing too high for your mother's approval.

25. Those moments when you know your dog is thanking you for not living in New York City

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