Instagram Has An Awesome New Drafts Feature

'Gram your drafts (seriously).

Do you ever take photos to the ‘gram just to edit them? Yeah? Well, the process used to require you to screenshot the photo and then size it down accordingly.

Now, things have gotten much easier.

Instagram has made drafts an official part of the app. Drafts allow you to save the edited photo mid-posting it so you can go back to it later. You can save the draft by just hitting the back button while you’re editing and Instagram will ask you if you want to save the photo to your drafts.

There’s also a cute little section that appears when you’re selecting photos that is specifically labeled “Drafts.” You can customize this section as well, using the new “manage” button. 

Instagram had been testing the drafts feature with high-profile accounts in the last month or so, like it did with the recently launched comment moderating feature.

The drafts feature is sure to be great for those who post several times a day or manage more than one account ― you can prep your posts hours in advance and just plug a caption on ‘em and publish when the time is right.

Let’s get to editing, friends!