Instagram Egg Speaks Out In Super Bowl Ad: 'I've Started To Crack'

"The pressure of social media is getting to me.”

The Instagram egg, which appeared in the platform’s most “liked” post of all time, broke its silence in a new Super Bowl ad that aired Sunday.

The commercial premiered on Hulu and showed the egg along with a series of captions.

“I’m the world_record_egg (you may have heard of me),” the captions said. “Recently I’ve started to crack. The pressure of social media is getting to me.”

The less than 30-second clip was released by Mental Health America and calls attention to well-being while encouraging those who are struggling to seek help. The Virginia nonprofit addresses mental health issues through education and outreach and offers treatment options. 

In a tweet following the ad’s big reveal, the organization thanked the egg ― otherwise known as Eugene ― for “shining a limelight on #mentalhealth tonight with an important message”:

Eugene was first posted on Instagram on Jan. 4 as part of an experiment to set a new world record for its number of likes. The egg has since garnered more than 50 million likes, surpassing then reigning champion Kylie Jenner’s nearly 19 million.

But the egg ad wasn’t the only big reveal for the social media sensation on Sunday. Chris Godfrey, a London-based advertising employee at The & Partnership, was also unmasked as the egg’s creator.