New Instagram Filters Are Here! So Are Emojis In Hashtags!

Instagram released three new filter options for iOS and Android on Monday. Even more exciting is that the photo editing and sharing app will now support emojis in hashtags. Huge news.

The changes are happening on Monday, according to Instagram's blog post. You'll just need to update your Instagram app.

Until now, you couldn't even press an emoji key while searching hashtags on Instagram. This change lets you create emoji hashtags and search for them. It's magical. Here's what it looks like:

instagram hashtag emojis

You still can't use emojis in hashtags on Facebook or Twitter. (Get it together, other social media sites! Emojis are the future.)

The new filters are called Lark, Reyes and Juno. Here's what they look like:

instagram hashtag emojis

As time goes on and Instagram's other features allow you to edit your photos more intensely with brightness, contrast, tone, saturation and more, filters seems less and less important. Still, Instagram plans to keep rolling out new ones "more regularly going forward," per the company blog post.