Instagram Socialmatic Camera: Photo-Sharing App Comes To Life With Awesome Polaroid Device (PHOTOS)

Instagram just got real.

ADR Studio's Antonio De Rosa, the Italian designer behind the stunning iPhone 5 mockup released in March, has created yet another concept design, this time of a real-life Instagram camera modelled after the app's icon.

According to a May 5 post on ADR Studio's site, this Instagram concept camera offers 16GB of storage, a touchscreen display, optical zoom and WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

But what really makes this concept cool are the features that bring the social part of Instagram to life. With its two lenses, one for main capture and another for 3D fliters, webcam applications and QR code-capturing, you can snap and edit pics the way you would using the Instagram app and then post them straight to Facebook.

Alternatively, you can print them out, Polaroid-style, using the camera's internal printer; each picture pops out with your Instagram username, a QR code that other Instagrammers can scan if they want to follow you, a glue strip so you can "post" your pics where you want and a space to write a comment.

"I've thought about the possibility to translate in the real life the social power of Instagram and Facebook together, with some 'physical' features, like image printing," wrote De Rosa in an email to The Huffington Post.

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera is just a concept for now, but it seems De Rosa is raising money to turn it into a reality; he's posted the Socialmatic Camera as a project on money-raising platform Indiegogo.

Flip through the slideshow below for a few pics of this cool Instagram camera concept -- you can view even more of them on De Rosa's website. Then make sure to check out his iPhone 5 design. What do you think of this Instagram Socialmatic Camera? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! (For more Instagram fun, take a look at our gallery of 19 stunning Instagram accounts to follow.)

Instagram Socialmatic Camera