San Franciscans Are Meeting Up Just To Take Instagram Photos

Because deciding how to frame that sunset and knowing when (if ever) to use the Kelvin filter sometimes calls for a group effort, you can now go on organized Instagram walks in San Francisco.

These so-called Instawalks were the subject of creative strategist Oscar Nilsson’s 2-minute mini-documentary “From Followers to Friends,” above, which spotlights a squad of iPhone-wielding photogs using sites like to plan trips to San Francisco’s most picturesque spots.

While the the video is full of eye-roll worthy moments -- a staged jumping shot, not-so-candid use of sparklers -- the Instawalkers say the meetups have helped them explore the city and learn more about photography, and we can get behind people using apps to connect face-to-face, #nofilter.

If you’re interested in a group ‘gram sesh, there are meetups at the Palace of Fine Arts and Washington Square Park this Saturday.



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