Artist Makes World Cup Infinitely More Beautiful With Country-Themed Paper Masks

These Country-Themed Paper Masks Make The World Cup Infinitely More Beautiful

Normally when we envision "team spirit," images of shirtless dudes covered in paint and beer holding large foam fingers come to mind. Spanish artist Sandra Suarez has provided a far more beautiful option.

The social media-savvy artist has embarked on an inspired collaboration with Instagram in honor of the World Cup. It goes by the name of #InstaMask. Suarez, who's long had a thing for masks, crafted several thousand of them, each colorfully designed for a different country and distributed them worldwide.

"The project arose by accident," Suarez explained in an email to The Huffington Post. "I had broken a pair of glasses at home and I decided to give them a second life by transforming them into a piece of art. I found it fun to do some photos and gradually I found myself making masks, this time with cardboard. One way to recycle and make a fun project."

The resulting project is what hashtags are made for, bringing people from all over the world together over a single, polychromatic cause. The vibrant disguises epitomize the many ways art, sports, the internet, even color itself, can help bring people together from all different backgrounds.

As for Suarez: What team has she been rooting for? "I'm from Spain so I hope [for] Spain. But I have lived one year in Italy and three years in Brazil. My husband is Brazilian so I have a divided heart."

Get a taste of the rainbow below and search #instamask for more.







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