'Instagramimation,' Animated Instagram Video By FriendsInFaux, Melds 1,600 Photos Into Stop-Motion Film

WATCH: 1,600 Instagram Photos, Animated Into One Sequence

While we don't yet know for certain that Instagram will announce a new video service in the coming weeks, the creative folks at FriendsInFaux have made an Instagram video of their own.

The team recently released "Instagramimation," a highly entertaining animation produced by turning nearly 1,600 Instagram photos into a stop-motion video.

The video's chief protagonist is a simple beachgoer, whose attempts to kick back and relax in an Instagrammed world are constantly harried by a troublesome finger. As the finger alternately swipes, drags and pinches its way through the hero's otherwise idyllic scene, he's tossled about, experiences several wardrobe malfunctions (themed to fit various Instagram filters) and attempts (unsuccessfully) to meet a lady friend.

A making-of video explains that the entire production required more than 3,000 photos, as each Instagram shot had to be re-captured interacting with the finger before it all could be compiled into one fluid video. FriendsInFaux acknowledges "a little bit of touching up" (like color correcting and "tweaking"), but no shortcuts otherwise.

In response to a YouTube comment implying FriendsInFaux had merely recorded a second-by-second video, rather than an animated a series of individual pictures, the production comapny posted on Instagram all 1,556 photos it used. If the animation isn't real, it sure is one elaborate prank.

WATCH the video, above.

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