Instagramming Strangers' Food Probably Isn't The Best Idea (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Is What Happens When You Instagram Strangers' Food

Anyone who has gone to a restaurant in the past several years knows that people have gone nuts with photographing dishes. But at least most people confine their picture snapping to their own plates.

It gets real creepy, though, when people start taking pictures of strangers' plates. In the video below for YouTube's "Hungry" channel, a couple of guys prank unsuspecting diners by asking to take photos of their food, and then hauling in some lighting equipment for better shots.

The funny thing is, most people don't really seem to mind when a random dude gets all up in their business. Maybe this is just our sad reality now. After all, if you can't take a good picture of a juicy cheeseburger, do you even deserve to have a smart phone?


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