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Instant Japanese Candy GIF Is Totally Freaking Us Out (VIDEO)

What is this candy sorcery??

Guys, we have seen a lot of candy in our day. There is a willingness to be whimsical and crazy amongst candy-makers that most other food producers just haven't embraced. But every once in the while, we see something that makes our jaws drop in the "OMG, WTF" kind of way.

Paging Richard Blais: dear friend, please help us understand this candy sorcery. And now, for your OMG, WTF viewing pleasure, instant Japanese candy.

We know. No, seriously. We know. We have never seen anything like that. Do you need to see this candy being made in video form to fully wrap your head around it? No problem, so did we.

We can't find this exact make and model of crazy candy kit anywhere for sale, but we are nearly certain it's made by Popin' Cookin, who are also responsible for this equally amazing, but not quite as spine-chillingly weird sushi candy set.

We're pretty sure we need to try every single one. If any of you guys have ever played around with these things, please let us know how awesome it was in the comments.

[via Reddit]

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