Florida Man Arrested After 'Instant Karma' Road Rage Video Goes Viral

Alleged 'Instant Karma' Driver Gets More Instant Karma

It seems the world wasn't quite done delivering just deserts to the man primarily responsible for the road rage internet video du jour, 'Instant Karma.'

A woman filmed a man apparently tailgating her on a road in Tampa, Fla. last week.

Shortly after he's seen flipping her off (in video above) he loses control of his truck, spins across a median and through oncoming traffic. He comes to a rest only after taking out a light pole.

"That's what you get," the woman says, laughing loudly. "All on video, buddy."

The YouTube video has garnered millions of views since it was posted March 26 and now, WTSP reports, the man in the video, who police said is 33-year-old Jeffrey White, was arrested.

Cops said they used footage to get White's license plate number. He was charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene, and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Authorities didn't reprimand her for filming the incident instead of keeping all her attention on the road. Instead, she said to WTSP, they were thankful that the footage helped them collar the culprit.

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