11 Instant Pot Facebook Group Recipes That'll Disturb You

In a public Facebook group, "potheads" share their recipes, some of which are deeply unsettling. Come for the long egg, stay for the savory broccoli cheesecake.

The Instant Pot has revolutionized home cooking, allowing busy people to make flavorful meals in a fraction of the time it’d take on the stove or in the oven.

The cult-favorite tabletop appliance inspires deep devotion in pretty much anyone who uses it. But the true believers flock to the official Instant Pot Community, a public Facebook group currently rolling 1.9 million deep.

In the group, Instant Pot fans ― or Potheads, as they prefer to be called ― share the recipes they’ve made with the multi-cooker. People post some restaurant-worthy meals, to be sure. But when it’s bad? Oof, it’s bad.

On Thursday, many of us learned about the group when writer Marshall Bright tweeted a photo of an ungodly creation we’ll call “long egg” from here on out.

Long egg inspired shock and awe on Twitter. Many in the thread came out as secret followers of the group.

“I’m so glad someone added me when we got ours,” @dagotron said. “And by glad, I mean constantly and continuously disgusted.”

Yep, pretty much.

You might be saying, “It can’t be that bad, can it?” We come bearing proof that it absolutely is. Below, 12 of the most “what the hell is that!” creations to pop up in the group lately.

Keep in mind, this is not a comprehensive list. Take a look at the overwhelming volume of posts shared to the page every day, and your head will feel like it’s about to burst in a pressure cooker of its own.

Long Egg
Instant Pot® Community
Ah, long egg, the monstrosity that brought us all here today. While we see the user's point -- this would work really great if you needed to dice up eggs for egg or potato salad! -- there's something deeply unsettling about this loop of an egg. "I just involuntarily screamed when I realized what I was looking at," one Twitter user said. Hard same.
Instant Pot® Community
Is it a donut? Some sort of raspberry glazed cake with pineapple chunks? No, silly, it's IP meatloaf!
Nacho Pie
Instant Pot® Community
Nachos? Great. Pie? Fantastic. But somehow, this nacho pie turned out intensely worse than the sum of those two foods' parts. When all the ingredients are brown or tan, you're doomed from the start.
Savory Broccoli Cheeescake
Instant Pot® Community
Like Isaac Newton using his cannonball thought experiment to hypothesize the law of gravity, or Luigi Galvani playing around with dead frogs to explain bioelectromagnetics, Potheads use their Instant Pots to experiment with recipe modifications no human mind would ever think possible.

Here, one fan took Instant Pot's popular cheesecake #17 recipe and bastardized it with broccoli, ham and bell pepper. "ENJOY."
Deskinned Pumpkin
Instant Pot® Community
Just a Pothead giving serious Buffalo Bill/"Silence of the Lambs" vibes by skinning pumpkins.
Salsa Verde Enchilada Casserole
Instant Pot® Community
This one isn't quite as bad as the others, but it is indicative of most things you'll find on the Instant Pot Community: oozing cheese, vaguely disc shaped, culturally confusing, husband-approved.
This ... Cake.
Instant Pot® Community
Oh, baby, what didn't you do wrong?
Instant Pot Big Mac
Instant Pot® Community
A post that speaks to the ingenuity of Instant Pot Community, the IP Big Mac is more impressive than it is disgusting-looking but boy, how disgusting-looking it is!
Instant Pot® Community
Why does the finished product look a little bit like an actual squirrel with fur on it?
Purple-Tinted Pasta
Instant Pot® Community
What's worse than getting Necco wafers or some health-conscious treat in your bag on Halloween? Having to eat this pasta.
Pickle Chicken
Instant Pot® Community
And now our pièce de résistance: At once vaguely pornographic and culinarily frightening, this chicken with pickles stuffed up its keister is a fan favorite among the Instant Pot Community. A lot of people make it and post about it, but this one's extra special because of the kicker in the caption: "At the end of the day, at least no one crammed a ton of pickles up my butt and cooked me!"