Insta-Support for Bruce Jenner

Friday usually brings about a certain euphoric state as the start of the weekend begins at the moment the last email is sent and the clock strikes somewhere around 5:45 p.m. Well, if you were like most people, you pretty much had your Friday, April 24 plans set for a few weeks now. Yes, a reported 17 million people stayed in this past Friday night to watch the Olympian Gold Medalist, Bruce Jenner profess to Diane Sawyer on ABC's 20/20 and the rest of the world that he was for all intents and purposes a woman; confirming what many have been speculating over the past year or so. From his changing facial features (Jenner confirmed he has been on hormones for the past year and a half to help with his transition) to the long hair and painted nails, Jenner's coming out will likely become one of the greatest moments in American history.

What Bruce's interview proved is that you never really know what struggles people who seem perfectly put together may be battling with on the inside. It is no doubt that Jenner's message that "all people should be loved for who they are" will resonate with a changing society that is lifting the stigma of what it means to be trans in America. You can only imagine someone would feel liberated to live their truth after having watched Jenner confess to his while vowing to begin living his life as his most authentic self. Jenner also confessed that his family supports him 100 percent and his four non-Kardashian children were interviewed for the special. They showed solidarity for their father who inspired so many people with his 1976 Olympic win and will likely inspire even more with his message of self-love and acceptance.

And, it wasn't just his children who showed their support, many celebrities joined in supporting Bruce Jenner via Instagram throughout the night as well. Here are a few of those posts that show that support and love for everyone no matter who they are is always in vogue.