Instead of being jealous of other's success be inspired!

Do you find yourself reading a post or blog and as an entrepreneur feeling very jealous of that person's business success? You say to yourself "why can't I have that level of success or income"? Or Why is he or she so lucky in business and I am not?

First off there is really no such thing as an overnight success. Take actors/actresses for an example. They spend their time doing commercials and waitressing for years until they get a break that changes their career. They could have had done many pilots that never went anywhere or movies that only went to DVD. Then they do some part that resonates with the public and throws them onto the A list. Hence their label as an overnight success. When in fact they were out there for years plugging away before anyone took notice.

Its the same for an entrepreneur. They have worked for years at trying to get their business off the ground. Sometimes some business ideas/products worked and earned income but sometimes a lot of things did not. They pitched their services and products and found crickets as a result. That doesn't mean their business is bad it just means they have not hit the mark yet. They have not found their ideal customer who needs the product/service they are selling. It also means their marketing needs to be adjusted. It almost always is not about the business but more about the message you are putting out their to get clients.

So when you hear stories of someone making six figures overnight or in a week. Here is what they don't tell you. The months they spent growing their mailing list. The amount of days they spent at networking events getting their message out and connecting with other like minded entrepreneurs and making connections. The amount of money they spent on course/business retreats or coaches to help them not only find their voice but map out their business strategy as well as figure out their customer needs. They do not talk about their lack of profit as a result of all their expenses incurred.

Don't get me wrong I am not knocking those entrepreneurs I am just pointing out what you don't see. You don't see the financial debt behind the success which is not a bad thing. Its just not allowing you to see the full picture. That being said I don't want this to deter you from getting started in your business. For you have a talent and voice that needs to be shared with the world and frankly you would be doing a disservice if you did not share your talent.

Next time you see a post/blog talking about this person's business success I want you to be inspired. Inspired that if they can do it so can you! In order to be a business success you need to show up. Their are going to be hurdles and you may stumble. When these things happen just dust yourself off and get back up. Just keep on moving.

Thomas Edison famously said "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work". If he could continue on until he achieved his goals why can't you?

I look forward to reading about your business success! Cheers to you!