The Instagram Song (Put A Filter On Me) Parodies Overuse Of App (VIDEO)

The impulse to antique, add sepia and retro-blur the edges of just about every photo snapped on a phone can be a powerful one. So powerful, in fact, that some people would argue there's such thing as an over-reliance on Instagam. That's where "The Instagram Song (Put A Filter On Me) seems to have come in.

"Lo-Fi, Amaro, just two filters you have to know/ Take a picture of the sky/ a sexy filter on a homeless guy," the folksy tune goes.

The singer goes on to order brunch with her friend and can't help but capture a photo of her eggs with hollandaise sauce: "Those will look good in a photo, #delicious."

When the women aren't poking fun at the subjects of the photos themselves, they're rationalizing over the use of the filters they're applying: "Here's a picture of a dog/ I blurred around it to emphasize the dog."

The song seems to hit on concerns that Instagram is somehow managing to take something away from pictures. Guardian writer Kate Bevan recently argued that the app effectively makes pictures all look the same. She also suggests there's something inauthentic about making memories from the summer of 2012 look like they belong in the 1960s.

However, in an article titled "Instagram: Photography's Antichrist, Savior, Or Something In Between?," HuffPost culture reporter Lucas Kavner points out that Instagram's "highest principle is community." "You can choose to use the service to celebrate the artistry of your photos, but that's only one way to go," he notes.

Whether or not it people agree with those assertions, at the very least, some are finding the song relatable. Beneath the YouTube video, one commenter wrote, "This is friggen' awesome and illustrates everything that is wrong with my friends."