Instagram Is Extending Their Videos to 60 Seconds. Learn How You Can Use It for Your Business


This is awesome news, especially for us storytellers of the world. Usually on a 15 second video there's so little you can include. But when you are making awesome content for your website and social media platforms is great to have more wiggle room to have a story well told.

Instragram first changed their likes for views on videos, so you can instantly see if people are engaging with your content. After seeing how many people do engage with videos, they decided to give us more space to create more.

Here are 3 Ways you can use it to grow your startup

1. Think about the story you wanna share. What made you start your company in the first place? Or why did you decide to become an artist/life coach/entrepreneur/changemaker? These are the stories people wanna hear!

2. Use beautiful creative visuals to give more dimensions to your product or what you do. Remember that a good investment on production goes a long way. It also makes you look more professional.

3. Think out of the box. Since this is ultimately an awesome platform for online/social media marketing, stand out and be yourself! Brainstorming with others is usually a great way to get those ideas out as well.

Watch Fern Olivia's under 60 seconds video

Let's start getting ready and make awesome 60 second videos for your startup!

Click here for more info on videos and how to get your content out :)

Love, Lucia Doynel [Founder of | Videos for Changemakers]