Meet The Teens Who Are Preserving Classical Music For Future Generations

Simply having musical talent helps these teens succeed individually. When they come together, their love for music helps them achieve something more.

David Zhao, Shannon Cassady, Billy Wu, Nicole Po and Gene Pak are the directors of a nonprofit organization called Instruments for Change. Based in Seattle, the organization is devoted to promoting classical music and giving back to the musical community.

Since the young directors have been able to contribute to their community with their talent, they focus on encouraging other young people to make a difference using their own skills.

"In essence, our organization strives to send the message that the youth matter and that anyone can make a marked impact on this world by utilizing his or her talents," David said in an email to The Huffington Post.

instruments for change

For members of Instruments for Change, these talents vary. Some thrive off of performances, while others prefer music theory. Their instruments of choice range from jazz saxophone to classical piano. According to David, this mixture of music tastes and talents is what makes the organization stand out.

"Overall, I think that this diversity makes our organization so unique," he said.

Since launching in late 2013, Instruments for Change has put on local concerts in public venues as well as benefit concerts. After the March 2014 landslide in Oso, Wash., the organization helped raise more than $3,000 in relief funds.

Its future plans include a free music summer camp for youth from low-income households, but for now David wants the nonprofit to continue being a unifying factor in his community.

"Music also has the unique ability of bringing together communities as a whole, and Instruments for Change is attempting to harness this collective unity for society change."


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