What Happens In 1 Minute On The Internet? Intel Has The Answer

What Happens In 1 Minute On The Internet?

According to Intel, the human race collectively logs into Facebook 277,000 times per minute.

That's just one of the stunning statistics offered up in the company's newest blog post, "What Happens In An Internet Minute?" Aimed at making people aware of just how much data we produce in a short span of time, the post plugs Intel's new communications platforms, most notably "Crystal Forest," which it claims will help sites "beef up network security to handle the increasing network traffic."

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30 Hours Of Video Uploaded To Youtube

What Happens On The Internet In One Minute?

Intel frequently focuses on popular brand names in its post -- implying that even larger amounts of data are processed in an "Internet minute" if you factor in the companies' competitors. There are 320 new Twitter accounts and 100,000 new tweets in an Internet minute, but if you include Weibo and other Twitter competitors, you'd get even more staggering data. The post also states that there are 3,000 Flickr uploads and 1.3 million Youtube views in an Internet minute, but these are just the big brands. What happens when you factor in Picasa, Shutterfly and Vimeo -- and every other app and website in the Internet's very long tail?

Thinking about all of this data can make you a little dizzy. But here's another stunning fact to cap off your day: The Internet, for all its moving pieces, takes up slightly less physical space than your average oil tanker.

Read the rest of the post and take a look at Intel's incredible infographic here.

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