These Office Chairs Return To Their Desks When You Clap Your Hands

If only everything could be this easy.

The last thing you need at work is to navigate an obstacle course of scattered chairs.

Luckily, Nissan has unveiled an ingenious way to tidy things up -- all it takes is a clap of your hands.

In the almost-magical YouTube video below, chairs respond to an office worker's loud clap by returning to their rightful positions.

This is tantalizing news for janitors -- or anyone tired of pushing in their coworker’s chair to get by. But the technology actually wasn't designed for chairs. It's part of Nissan's intelligent parking assist technology, which is being developed for hands-free parking.

"This is a very useful function, not only for those who are bad at parking, but also for skillful drivers who are tired and less focused after a long drive," says one of the developers in the promotional video.

For now, the self-tucking chairs just seem to be a clever prototype to test out the self-parking technology.

Keep dreaming, office workers.

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