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Intentional Living, Thrive on Purpose.

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Each morning you are gifted a blank canvas with the opportunity to design your life. Are you designing on purpose? Or are you living in default mode, in reaction to the elements around you?

Intention is defined as: an aim or a purpose; a determination to act in a certain way.

I love the word determination. It embodies strength, focus and the element of living life on purpose. Think about how you start your day, if people, situations or emails throw you off in an instant. If you are affected by other people's agendas coming at you, then you need to reconsider your flow, your approach to life.

Approaching your day in an intentional manner keeps you in the role of director in your life. Protect your energy, and know that you have the authority to choose how you feel about things. Being intentional allows you to live with freedom, joy and in a state of growth. Don't contradict your intentions by living in a reactionary state.

To be intentional you must be fully aware of your thoughts and presence. How do you want to feel today? What will bring you the most productivity? Is your body telling you it needs to rejuvenate and rest? How are your interactions with those you care about most? What energy are you putting out into the world?

Knowing one's self, one's state is the best investment we can make. Take the time to step away from the noise and bring yourself to a reflective state of mind. Being in alignment with who we truly are is the most vital step we can take to produce the biggest results in our life. Be intentional about it, own your life.


And from this amazing state of self-awareness, which you curated into your life, it is now key to approach everything you want with intention. Specific intention.

How you approach this is purely up to you. You may find it helpful to journal, to create vision boards, to keep notes in an app, to set intentional reminders on your calendar, start your day with a top three goals list or to simply set your intentions with pure thought.

Be meaningful in your interactions, emit your joy out into the world. Watch yourself accomplish your goals throughout the day and have an uptick in productivity. By being intentional, you are choosing what comes into your path and how you feel about it. You are infusing love into yourself, your interactions and results by being fully conscious and present in your life.

How amazing is that, you get to choose your attitude and your decisions every day. No one has any authority over how you choose to set your perspective. That may be on their agenda to bring you into their negativity or chaos, but it certainly isn't on yours to go into that state because you are truly living life on purpose, with full intention.

Be the powerhouse that you are, on purpose.


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