Map Reveals Wi-Fi Passwords At Airports Around The World

This is awesome.

Fighting boredom in airports while waiting for a flight can be tiresome, especially if your flight is delayed. Books, magazines and, of course, the internet can help pass the time, but many Wi-Fi networks are protected by a password.

This is a problem that blogger, computer engineer and traveler Anil Polat set out to solve by creating an interactive map, which features free Wi-Fi passwords in a number of airports around the globe.

Clicking on an airport on the map and the location of the wireless network reveals its name and password.

Polat, a frequent traveler, writes on his website that his “long term goal is to visit every country in the world” while also helping others “travel smarter.” He decided to share the map on his website, Foxnomad, and created an app version as well to help other travelers.

Polat asks his fans to submit new and revised passwords via email or in the comments section of his site.

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