Interactive Mirror Developed by Guerilla Marketing Company

This video showcases an amazing new interactive mirror that functions like a massive touch-screen, allowing users to paint and draw with the tap of a finger.

The technology was conceptualized by Lit Studios and developed by Interference Incorporated, an innovative marketing company based in the New York City area, that develops interactive technologies for clients "wishing to set themselves apart."

According to the video, there is still no patent on the mirror.

Interference Inc, the guerilla marketing agency that developed the mirror, gained a measure of notoriety in 2007 when it was accused of having engineered the Boston bomb scare, where police thought that small Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED placards were improvised explosive devices. The placards turned out to be part of a marketing publicity stunt for the Cartoon Network--which led many to accuse Boston Police of not following the tech blogosphere closely enough.