U.S. Interior Department Instagram Account Gives A Peek At America's Beauty On The Cheap (PHOTOS)

Looking for a mini vacation? How about a quick tour of America's most stunning outdoor vistas, for free?

Thanks to an impressively well curated Instagram account, the U.S. Department of the Interior offers just that, via the comfort of your screen. From the Grand Canyon to Denali National Park, the feed features photos from a smattering of professional photographers and DOI staffers, typically alongside a description of when, where, and (sometimes) how the photo was taken.

"We launched our Instagram just basically to show the public all of the amazing lands that we have across the country," Interior Department Director of Digital Strategy Tim Fullerton told Mashable in an interview earlier this month. He added that the feed has been live for just over a year now.

In that time, the feed has racked up just shy of 70,000 followers with nearly 700 posts, earning a thumbs-up from professionals and buzz-hungry internet fiends alike.

PHOTOS via the Department of Interior's Instagram feed:

Interior Department On Instagram

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