International Bacon Film Festival's Official Selections Explore The Wonders Of Bacon (VIDEOS)

Things get pretty porky.

It's about time someone put on a film festival about bacon. The team at Hormel's Black Label bacon have heeded the call. The company's first International Bacon Film Festival features 11 short films inspired the porky strips. Festivities take place Oct. 17 in New York City.

There's a lot on the line: the winning entry takes home $11,000. Victors will be chosen by the festival's judges, "Chopped" judge Chris Santos and “MTV News” film correspondent Joshua Horowitz.

But what sorts of films play at a bacon film festival? Scroll down to find out.

"In the Mood for Bacon"
A tale of two hardcore vegetarians discovering their love of bacon.
"The Bacon Photographer"
This is what happens when your first memory is of bacon.
"Bacon To The Core"
Animated bacon!
Maybe the most poetic ode to bacon ever.
"Portrait of a Bacon Enthusiast"
This guy sings what should probably be bacon's theme song.
"The Drummer"
Mike Cambra loves two things. Drums and bacon.
"The Brunch"
Everything's better when it's wrapped in bacon.
"Bacon Cops"
This footage is totally real and could not possibly be fake.
"Bacon and the Sea"
If you love literature and you love bacon, this is for you.
"We Will Be Eating"
The secret to life is clearly bacon.
"Bruno's Project"
Bacon has secrets, and this guy is on a mission to decode them.