International Campaign for the Immediate Release of Omid Kokabi from Prison in Iran


His Excellency Ban-Ki Moon
Secretary General of United Nations
The United Nations
New York, NY 10017‎

Re: International Campaign for the Immediate Release of Omid Kokabi from Prison in Iran

Your Excellency,‎

I join my fellow compatriots in urging the international community to support our campaign for ‎the immediate release of Omid Kokabi, a PhD student and experimental laser physicist at the ‎University of Texas, from prison in Iran. We urge you to intervene and to secure his release. Omid ‎Kokabi's health has been deteriorating since his arrest in January 2011 under unfounded ‎allegations of 'gathering and colluding against national security', 'communicating with a hostile ‎government', and 'illegitimate/illegal earnings'. Although Kokabi has been acquitted from the ‎primary charges, he has nevertheless been sentenced to ten years in prison. Kokabi was recently ‎diagnosed with cancer and is now fighting for his life without access to adequate medical ‎treatment. ‎
‎ ‎
Over the past five years, Kokabi, a Sunni Muslim and a member of the Turkmen ethnic community, ‎has endured arbitrary imprisonment, experienced religious and ethnic discrimination, and has ‎been denied access to his lawyer or a fair trial. Kokabi rejected the allegations in a letter to the ‎head of the judiciary of the Islamic Republic in July 2011, stating that his confession was obtained ‎through torture and while incarcerated and in solitary confinement for thirty six days. As you are ‎well aware, the theocratic regime in Iran defies international human rights standards, and there ‎remain countless prisoners of conscience who are victims of arbitrary arrest, torture and ‎execution.‎

We appeal to the freedom loving people around the world to demand that the Islamic Republic ‎respect the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Iran has long been a ‎signatory.‎

Iranians from a diverse political spectrum find the ongoing humans rights violations in their beloved ‎homeland appalling and unacceptable. Guided by our strong belief in humanism and secularism, the ‎Iran National Council denounces the despicable ongoing human rights violations committed by the ‎Islamic Republic of Iran in the name of religion. This vision would certainly be realized with the ‎moral support of the international community for the unconditional release of all prisoners of ‎conscience.‎

I thank you sincerely for your consideration and offer my unconditional assistance on this urgent ‎matter. ‎

Yours sincerely, ‎

Reza Pahlavi
President of the National Council of Iran for Free Elections