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We Bet You Forgot About The General Foods International Coffee Commercials (VIDEOS)

What was his name? JEAN-LUC!

If you grew up in the late '80s to early '90s and had a TV in your house, we're betting you'll recognize these commercials. General Foods International Coffees is a line of instant coffees that were first introduced in the 1970s. By the late '80s, they'd seemingly identified their target audience: middle-aged women who love to laugh and reminisce... and drink instant coffee.

These 30-second spots had an exact formula down: "This reminds me of something," one of the characters would say. "Vienna," or "Paris," or "Prom," the other would reply. Then they'd pour a hot cup of Suisse Mocha or Café Vienna, and sail off into a past redolent with giggles and powdered caffeine. You know, like this:

international coffee commercial

If that still doesn't jog your memory, we bet the jingle will. It's really hard to pick a favorite, but it's pretty hard to watch them and not hold onto, "Jean-Luc!"

YouTube: Internet Lurker
"I wish we were still in Vienna."
YouTube: HamptonRoadsTVFan
Get a room, you two!
Hold up, your prom dress still fits?
YouTube: VCRchivist
Must be the sugar-free coffee.
"With 100% Nutri-Sweet"
YouTube: DatCommercial
Wait, why are all these people drinking coffee right before they go to bed?
YouTube: furrmie6
Oh hi, Lea Thompson!
YouTube: Kevin Noonan
Marty McFly's mom gets all sentimental about Suisse Mocha.
"This is our time."
YouTube: kd4nwl
"Tom had the biggest blue eyes."
YouTube: xntryk1
These commercials were so popular, people even made homemade versions.
YouTube: Justin Stolle
The jingle is definitely our favorite part.
And then MadTV took it where we knew it was going all along.
YouTube: pdplatypus

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