International Dadaism Month Begins Today

Today marks the beginning of one of the weirdest holidays you'll ever hear of: International Dadaism Month.

The declaration was made on December 27, 2005 in Lawrence, Kansas by then Mayor Dennis Highberger. In true Dada fashion, International Dadaism Month isn't a specific calendar month but instead a series of dates, chosen at random by rolling dice and pulling numbers out of a hat. This process resulted in the following days of celebration: February 4, March 28, April 1, July 15, August 2, August 7, August 16, August 26, September 18, September 22, October 1, October 17, and October 26.

Think this is absurd? Well, that's part of the point.

Dada was an international cultural movement which peaked from 1916-1922 and embraced chance and nonsense. Seen as a reaction to the horrors of World War I, the anarchic movement rejected artistic conventions. Dada artists sought to provoke and challenge. Although short-lived, Dada has been a hugely influential movement to visual art, writing and performance art.

Share your favorite Dada art below in the comments. Or you could just randomly hit keys on your keyboard. It's all good.