International German Beard And Mustache Championship Shows Off The Finest Facial Hair (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Greatest Beards And Mustaches Ever

Contestants in this year's International German Beard and Mustache Championship make Bert Reynold's iconic 'lip warmer' look like puberty gone wrong.

On April 27, nearly 100 competitors went chin-to-chin in the German town of Pforzheim to showcase some of the world's finest facial hair for their annual beard and moustache contest.

The fur-ocious participants competed in 18 categories, including "Dali-style," "Imperial" and "Freestyle." This year's event marked the 26th year of competition.

But this tiny German town isn't the only hub for the hirsute-inclined. In recent years the trend of 'bearding' has caught on around the world with pageant-like championships that include the European Beard And Mustache Championship and America's own East Coast Beard and Mustache Championship.

Scroll through the gallery to see true dedication:

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International Beard Championships

International Beard Championships

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