International Museum Day 2011: The Best Museums In The World (PHOTOS)

The world if full of beautiful art and history, and there are some incredible places to see it for yourself.

Started in 1977, International Museum Day aims to "increase public awareness of the role of museums in developing society," according to the group's Facebook page. It's also a great excuse to take a day and enjoy your favorite museum, or check out something new.

This year's theme is Museum and Memory, which hopes to draw attention to the way in which museums catalogue human history.

While there's nothing stopping you from enjoying some more obscure museums, we've compiled a list of possibly the top 15 museums in world, all of which contain works of art everyone should see before they die. From Tokyo to Washington D.C. each of these museums contains something different yet essential to broadening your knowledge of human history.

Check them out for yourself below. Which are you going to make the trip to?