16 International Takes On The Mighty Pancake

There's more than one way to make a pancake.

The world of pancakes is vast, and not just in the chocolate chip to Double Stuf Oreo way. We're talking about international pancakes (not to be confused with IHOP), because pancakes are popular in almost every country across the globe. Of course, they're all made differently; in France, for instance, pancakes are thin and filled with sugar and lemon... we love them for this. In other countries they are drizzled with sweetened condensed milk -- a must-try classic dish from Thailand. But everywhere, they're delicious.

On September 26, also known as International Pancake Day, we thought it fitting to introduce you to the global world of pancakes. Because even if you're a big fan of a tall stack of buttermilk pancakes, that doesn't mean you shouldn't give the Austrian Kaiserschmarrn a try. (Psst, they use so much butter in their pancakes -- it's glorious.)

France: Crepes
Ildi_Papp via Getty Images
Crepes are possibly the thinnest type of pancake you can eat. In France, they're often eaten as a snack instead of breakfast. And they're filled with anything from sugar to ham and cheese.
Denmark: Aebleskiver
bhofack2 via Getty Images
These spherical Danish pancakes win for being the most fun to eat. They're the beautiful combination of fluffy pancake and airy pop over.
Poland: Naleśniki
K. Yasuhara/Flickr
Naleśniki is Poland's version of the crepe. They fill them with sweet ingredients such as fresh fruit and jam as well as with savory ingredients like fried chicken.
Australia: Pikelets
Kylie Townsend via Getty Images
Pikelets are similar to buttermilk pancakes but they're smaller and are traditionally served with afternoon tea. Also, they're topped with jam, whipped cream or butter -- never maple syrup.
Austria: Kaiserschmarrn
2Mmedia via Getty Images
Leave it to the Austrians to find the most delicious way to serve pancakes. These pastry geniuses have broken their pancake into pieces so that it gets even more buttery caramelization. They also top it with dried fruit and nuts.
Malaysia: Apam Balik
Flickr: Yun Huang Yong
Found at roadside stalls, these griddle cakes are traditionally topped with butter and ground roasted peanuts and sweet corn. These days, you can also find them in strawberry and chocolate flavors.
Somalia: Anjero
Flickr: Adriana Chirea
Anjero is a spongy, chewy sourdough pancake that has a slightly sweet and sour taste. Ethiopia has a similar one called Injera, which is slightly larger.
Thailand: Roti
Quynh Anh Nguyen via Getty Images
Street vendors sell these sweet rolled pancakes sometimes drizzled with sweetened condensed milk, sometimes with caramelized bananas and sometimes with both.
Russia: Buckwheat Blini
Flickr: DinnersOut
In Russia, blini are often served in connection with a religious rite -- not just as a Sunday morning affair. They're traditionally served with butter, sour cream, fruit preserves or caviar.
Finland: Pannukakku
Flickr: smerikal
The Finnish bake their pancakes in the oven rather than fry them in a skillet. They're also served as dessert, not for breakfast.
India: Malapua
Malapua is traditionally prepared in Bengali homes as a dessert or snack. There are many variations on this Indian dessert. Some recipes call for mashed bananas, others use cardamom, but all of them are awesome.
Netherlands: Pannenkoeken
gottasharepics (Kathy Dempsey)/Flickr
Also known as the Dutch pancake, these crepe-like pancakes are thinner and larger than the buttermillk version. And sometimes bacon, apples, cheese, or raisins are incorporated IN them.
Germany: Pfannkuchen
Flickr: Sofie Dittmann
Germany's version of the pancake is very similar to the French crepe.
Mexico: Hotcakes
Flickr: @tanke67 Vazquez
Mexican hotcakes are similar to U.S. pancakes only they're often made with cornmeal.
Iceland: Pönnukökur
All That Cooking
Icelandic pancakes are light and sweet. Try your hand at them with this easy recipe.
U.S.: Buttermilk Pancakes
MikeyGen73 via Getty Images
Fluffy, sweet and almost always topped with syrup -- they can be made with endless add-ins.

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