Los Angeles

International Pillow Fight Day: Los Angeles Throws Down

Story courtesy of City's Best.

By Katie Bain

Hundreds of Los Angelenos flocked to Downtown's Pershing Square with pillows in hand on Saturday afternoon to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day. The free public pillow fight attracted an eclectic crowd of adults, kids, teens, hipsters, dogs and at least one baby, who was clearly dazzled by flume of feathers floating on the breeze.

For an event billed as a fight, there was a remarkable amount of camaraderie between the peeps in the pillow pit, with many polite "excuse me"s and "are you OK?"s exchanged between ebullient participants as they affably knocked each other around with their bedding. The hour-and-a-half pillow fight was peaceful and playfully rowdy, with only few revelers exiting the energetic mob of fighters with bloody noses. Many participants wore bandanas and surgical masks to protect themselves from feather ingestion. Pillow Fight Day was also celebrated in cities including Barcelona, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Tel Aviv and, uh, Topeka.

All photos by Katie Bain.