International Woman's Day: From Then to Now Who Is the 21st Century American Woman?

International Woman's Day: From then to now who is the 21st Century American Woman?

Observing women's history, it has been a battlefield over ideas, sex, and gender equality. From the early years of the American republic until now, women continually find themselves pornified, objectified, and facing dual standards.

Until 1920, the American republic was really the American republic of men. Women were subject to the culture wars and men of yesteryear pushed woman aside as the lesser asset. As a result, feminists and liberal activists pushed up against the culture wars demanding fundamental changes. Classic feminists like Susan B. Anthony, Nancy Cook, and Alice Paul started the American feminist movements. Today, women, continually find themselves being empowered by political powerhouses like Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, and even pop sensation Lady Gaga.

Arguably, woman are still pornified more today than before. Ostensibly, the sexual portrayals of Sarah Palin in the XXX film Nailin Palin is most acquiesce to this perversity. Yet, rarely do men defend Sarah Palin or any other woman from sexual objectification. Mostly, we act with simple complacence in the midst of the cruelties to women's gender.

As a result, our complacency and our continued abdication of responsibility have turned 21st century woman somewhat ambivalent towards men.

The 21st century American woman is robust. She is a woman that the world has never seen before. They are the kind of woman who will stay single, date, get married, or take a wild "live, eat pray" adventure in Thailand or Europe. She is not afraid to tell men what to do, she is more likely to work than not, and more likely to be driven and passionate about her own life.

The 21st century America woman is free from traditions from the era of St Paul; she can choose a burqa or a bikini. In Lady Gaga's case, a combination of both also known as a "burqini" is of fancy. Woman might wear heels, but only if they want to. Women are just as happy in boots, flats, or sandals.

The 21st century American woman is traveling across the country and running about freely, independent of forceful male figures. Arranged weddings are something of the past, the 21st Century American Woman chooses to like or dislike men based on her ideals. More than likely, she will not flirt unless she really feels compelled to. She will be friendly and gain attention just because she is a confident, charming, and independent woman.

In my opinion, the statistics tell the real story of the 21st century American women.

30% of American woman is more likely to graduate college. More women are entering the work force, and women are 32% more likely to find employment than men are. In the globalized world, the service industry is the future places of economic growth and women are fitting right in.

21st century women are dominating managerial roles in mid to high work service jobs. More women are entering the middle class today than men, and increasingly women are outpacing men heading towards the upper income brackets.

What does it all mean? Women still have some disadvantages, but life is looking up for the 21st century American women.