This Internet Cat Video Festival Documentary Is Just Purr-Fect

A Purr-Fect Look At The Internet Cat Video Festival

A short about the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival hit YouTube Tuesday, reminding us again why the Web was born.

The festival took place Aug. 28 at the Minnesota State Fair, but the good vibes linger in this purr-fect journey through one of the world's online obsessions.

As the documentary above shows, Grumpy Cat and other kitty luminaries attended the second annual event, along with a whole lot of cat-video makers and fans. You'll view some viral vittles and hear frisky soundbites explaining people's fascination with funny feline footage.

Did you know that 15 percent of Internet traffic is related to cats? If you weren't among the nearly 10,000 people who showed up at the fest, maybe the video above will help you better understand why.

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