Internet Cat Video Film Festival Hits Los Angeles With 85 'Meow-vies'

If You Love Cat Videos, Dive In!

The fur will be flying in Los Angeles on Jan. 25 thanks to the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

The touring festival features 85 cat videos carefully combed and curated by cat video lovers like William Braden, who has earned fame in this arcane community for a series of shorts focused around his own cat, Henri.

"For the last year and a half, I've been able to do this full time," he told The Huffington Post.

He's as shocked as anyone.

"I'm going to do this as long as I can," Braden said.

Braden estimates as many as 15,000 cat videos were viewed before being narrowed down to the selection showcased in Los Angeles. Coming up with a final list was enough to make anyone dog tired.

"We face the same problem as the Oscars," he said. "We want to show videos that are popular, but also showcase the diamonds in the rough."

Braden's work is just beginning. He and others are reviewing more cat videos to be shown in Minnesota this summer with the best in show winning the coveted "Golden Kitty Award."

Meanwhile, take a look at some of the cat video classics being shown with Braden's comments on why they made the cut.

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Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba
Boots And Cats
This was a crowd favorite from last year, according to Braden."It's very creative, and I often hear people leaving the venue commenting that it's already stuck in their heads," he says.
Fat Cat In Pot
Braden says this is a great example of a cat video. "Sure, it's basically just a fat cat trying to fit into a clay pot, but it's got great pacing, it's got dramatic suspense," he says. "We only want the best."
Little Cat Challenges Big Dog
The Classic David and Goliath story. "Sometimes simpler is better. Who wouldn't want to see a tiny kitten standing its ground agains a huge dog?" Braden asked rhetorically.
Henry 2, Paw de Deux
Henri is Braden's muse and his videos have been so successful, he is now able to work on cat clips full-time.
Teddy The Asshole Cat
"What better way to capture what it's like to live with a mischievous cat?" Braden says. "The act itself gets a laugh, but the real beauty is the casual yawn afterwards."
Window Cat Attack
Some cat videos thrive on the element of surprise. "You see a cat at a window and there's no way to know where the video is going to go," Braden says. "This one always gets a big reaction."
Cat Removes Glasses
This a classic cat tactic, according to Braden. "It sees what it wants (head rubs) sees an impediment (glasses), and realizes the easiest way to get what it wants is to remove the glasses," he says. "It's very simple, really."
Oskar the Blind Kitten Versus Hair Dryer
Oskar is a blind kitty from Seattle that Braden has met a few times."Very cool cat, and this video is a great example of his curiosity and playfulness," he says.
Lil Bub
No respecting cat video festival can get away without a Lil Bub clip. This one showcases her vocal abilities

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