Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released: REVIEWS Of Microsoft's New Browser

The latest version of Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer 9 Beta, is available for download today, and the update, dubbed the "most ambitious browser release Microsoft has ever undertaken" by ZDNet, is being scrutinized closely.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta has gotten a major makeover, a host of new features, and speedier performance. It is still a beta, however, and, as PC World notes, there are a few "rough spots." Microsoft is expected to release a polished version sometime later this year or in early 2011, according to Wired.

Take a look at what reviewers, such as Wired, Technologizer, PC World, and ZDNet, are saying about Internet Explorer 9 in the slideshow below. (You can download Internet Explorer 9 Beta here. Note: It is compatible only with WIndows 7 and Windows Vista, )