Internet Finally Discovers Glenn Beck Photoshoot Video, Freaks Out

Your interwebs are blowing up today at a YouTube clip that documents a Glenn Beck photo shoot, where the Fox News host has a substance, presumably Vicks VapoRub, applied to his face so that he can manufacture some tears for the photographer.

Depending on your point of view, this is either the object demonstration of a time-tested photographer's trick, or the SMOKING GUN THAT WILL BRING DOWN GLENN BECK'S EMPIRE OF FAKE TEARS! As you might surmise, I am opting to err on the side of calmness and serenity, because Gawker posted this video about two weeks ago, and the Republic survived.


Nevertheless, here's a point well worth underscoring again: let's note that the photographer you see in the video is the controversial Jill Greenberg, who got in trouble after she shot John McCain for The Atlantic, after which she talked a lot of smack about purposely making McCain look bad and posting Photoshopped versions of those images on her personal website, which further lampooned the senator. Beck said this, of Greenberg, way back when:

The Atlantic is sending a letter of apology to McCain. They will not be paying [Greenberg], and they're considering a lawsuit. Good, they should. Greenberg said that, since some of her artwork was anti-Bush, quote, "Maybe it was somewhat irresponsible for them to hire me." Wait a minute. Let me see if I have this right. She does a horrible job and then she blames her employer? That's right, I forgot. She's a liberal.

By the way, this isn't the first time this photographer has been in the middle of controversy. In 2004, to describe her political helplessness, she took a series of supposedly artsy photos of toddlers crying. How did she get this shot? Well, she gave the kids candy, and then she snatched it away from them. They'd cry uncontrollably, and she'd just click away. Isn't it just fantastic art? Nothing more beautiful than a child being terrorized.

You'd have thought that the candy-snatch technique would have been sufficient to bring tears to Beck's eyes as well.

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