Internet Flips Over College Gymnast's Almost Perfect Routine

She whipped out the whip, the nae nae, and hit the quan before ending with the dab.

UCLA gymnast Sophina DeJesus not only helped her team squeak out a victory against Utah on Saturday, but her floor performance has managed to win the Internet.

Judges gave the 21-year-old senior a near-perfect 9.925 for her magnificent flips, tumbles and splits, according to Popsugar.

But it's the hip-hop moves she made in between those physical feats that have made her a viral sensation.

More than 18.7 million people have seen DeJesus' routine so far on Facebook. She is believed to be the first gymnast to hit the quan during a competition, according to

The cherry on top was when she ended her routine with the dab.

As the video above demonstrates, DeJesus' performance had the crowd yelling "10! 10! 10!" even if the announcers referred to her at first as fellow UCLA teammate Sonya Meraz.

Perhaps more amazing than DeJesus' performance: The fact that she only came in fourth in the event.

However, the routine did helped UCLA beat Utah, according to the Daily Bruin.

Here are a few highlights from her near-perfect routine:

Watch her strut like she owns the gym.

Watch her whip.

Watch her Nae Nae and do the splits.

And, of course, watch her finish her routine in the most epic way ever.

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