Internet Helps Deliver Letter Addressed Simply 'To 'Grandma'

So sweet.

A letter from an 11-year-old camper addressed simply “To grandma” has successfully been delivered thanks to the efforts of a determined mail carrier and thousands of people on the internet. 

Earlier this month, Canada Post mail carrier Natasha Villeneuve was shown a sweet letter addressed from a child to her grandma with an incomplete address. Villeneuve told CTV News that it’s not uncommon for the postal service to receive letters that don’t have enough information to be delivered, but this one tugged at her heartstrings. She posted a photo of the envelope on Facebook hoping to get just a few dozen responses and shares from the small town of Perth, Ontario but was stunned when the post was shared nearly 16,000 times.

Though the rural route where the letter was addressed to has hundreds of residents, a chance encounter helped locate Abby’s grandma. A paramedic who had seen the Facebook post visited a woman named Dawn Kierans and asked “Do you know anybody on Rural Road #3, a grandma that has an Abby?’” Kierans told CTV. 

“That’s me, I have an Abby,” she replied. After receiving hundreds of messages on Facebook, Villeneuve was finally able to deliver the letter to its rightful recipient less than a week later. She said meeting Kierans made her miss her own grandmother. 

“I owe Tasha a real thank you for delivering it, because I would have been disappointed if Abby asked me when she came back ‘Did you get my letter?’ and I would have to say ‘No’,” she said. 

As for Abby, she’s still away at summer camp and has no idea how many people helped deliver her letter.



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