Internet Language: Lost Or Found?


This joke has opened today a heated discussion within our WCFDavos team. As communication specialists and creative people we are not traditional. By the way, have you ever seen traditional communication specialists? It looks like an oxymoron. So, we are always ready for something new.

But the question of language, and especially using of abbreviations and acronyms in modern internet speech, is nevertheless a point of discussion. From one side, the tendency to simplify the language exists much longer, than internet itself. Therefore internet is not the reason, but the tool. But from the other side, internet spreads all the novelties, good or bad, with lightning speed. And the first audience for such innovations is children and teens. So, they get this simple language much faster and easier, than the language of, for example, Dickens, whose books stay forgotten in the living room. And now the question: if not in internet, will your children not learn easy language in your kitchen? Do you always use the language of Dickens to express yourself?

The fact is, there exist a lot of different language layers. All of them are used in special situations. Internet is the tool of fast communication. Nobody will now write: "Dear Mr. Google, could you please be so kind to show me the meaning of the word "oxymoron". We just write: "oxymoron meaning". And it is enough for this particular situation. So, within these 50-60 years of internet-era we have invented the best possible way to use it. If simplifying the language in internet can help us achieve our goals and make it faster, in this case let's do it!

And if you, parents, want to understand your progressive children - WCF (Welcome To Facebook)!


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