Internet Lingo: Do You Know What These 18 Abbreviations Mean?

The Ultimate Internet Lingo Guide. WDYT?

Sometimes parents just don't get it, and when it comes to Internet lingo, they really don't get it. Although you may not even be aware of it, chances are that you have an entire online language that you use to communicate with your friends and followers. Using terms like FTW, PWN, TL;DR and IMHO probably seems totally normal to you -- but a lot of adults don't have even the slightest clue what these things mean.

And we all know that hilarious things can happen when parents and technology mix. These unbelievable real-life texts from parents show just how big the generation gap really is -- and how much more plugged in young people are when it comes to tech trends and internet-speak.

So, WDYT? What's your fave abbreviation to use online, while texting, or IRL? Check out 18 of our favorites in the slideshow below and tweet @HuffPostTeen with your additions!

Photo credit: Alamy

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