Internet Marketing Professional Turns Lead into Gold

When it comes to internet marketing, most people think of using search engine optimization to increase traffic to their website for the most general terms that can be used to describe their business.

This can result in an increase in traffic but not cause an increase in sales, which is the real goal. You may just work harder, for less money, with more overhead, and have lower job satisfaction through out your company.

Most professionals, whether attorneys or dentists, have a hierarchy to their clientele. Each wants business, but prefers certain types of business that may be more profitable, more convenient, reduce stress on limited resources, and provide more and better quality future referrals.

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, internet marketing, whatever you choose to call it can describe a plethora of specific tactics.

If you are a professional you want to focus your thinking on selecting the cream, not the milk, and especially not the skim milk. Make a list of the low hanging fruit and give special attention to the most attractive clients.

Pick the clients that offer you the most long-term benefits. Which ones will be the most profitable for the effort you expend? Which types will be the easiest to handle for your staff? Which category will give you the most time with your kids?

Once you have ranked the types of customers you really would like to work with, you can stop focusing on the entire ocean and focus your your SEO investment using a laser and attract the cream you identified. You will be turning lead into gold.

Focusing on narrow niches of highly desirable clients will improve your life and bottom line far faster than attempting to attract everyone who is interested in attorneys, accountants, teeth or construction. Better to build your site to attract estate planning, high net worth individuals, gold bridge work, and luxury contractors.

To accomplish this will require sophisticated marketing thinking. You will need an SEO expert who can empathize with your ideal customer. You will need to make major modifications to the content on your site, not just add keywords. It is a marketing approach vs. a technical one.

By taking a more focused approach to your internet marketing, you will have far more satisfaction, earn more, have more time for your family, and give your staff greater job satisfaction. Everyone likes to work with the creme de la creme.

We know it works because we've been doing it for years.